Isolation & Detection of Viruses [Graphs 1 Updates]
Reported by prefectural and municipal public health institutes
Articles are tabulated by date of specimen collection based on the data reported before yesterday.
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Influenza virus
By week and season 2007/08-2011/12
By prefecture 2011/12
By week (AH1 includes AH1pdm09) 2010/11 & 2011/12
Current & preceding 4 seasons (AH1 includes AH1pdm09) 2007/08-2011/12
By prefecture and week 2011/12 AH1pdm09
2011/12 A(H1)
2011/12 A(H3)
2011/12 B (Total)
2011/12 B (Victoria lineage)
2011/12 B (Yamagata lineage)

By week, SRSV2007/08-2011/12
By week, Rotavirus 2007/08-2011/12
By prefecture, SRSV & Rotavirus 2011/12
Current & preceding seasons, SRSV & Rotavirus 2010/11 & 2011/12
By season, SRSV & Rotavirus 2007/08-2011/12
Detail of SRSV 2007/08-2011/12
Detail of Rotavirus 2007/08-2011/12
By prefecture and week, norovirus 2011/12

Foodborne gastroenteritis outbreak
By week 2012&2011

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