IASR Vol. 32, No. 10 (No. 380) October 2011

  • Epidemic trend of HIV-1 CRF01_AE in Japan revealed by the dynamic molecular lineage analysis
  • Laboratory diagnosis of HIV: HIV test kits approved and commercialized in Japan
  • Scheme of the HIV laboratory diagnosis conducted by the local governments in Japan
  • Trends of HIV drug-resistance in Japan, 2003-2010
  • Current practice of HIV tests and measures taken for safety assurance of donor blood for transfusion—Japan Red Cross
  • Recent topics on clinical treatment of HIV infection
  • Isolation of adenovirus type 56 from two conjunctivitis patients, February-March, 2011—Okayama
  • Detection of parechovirus type 3 from infants under three month old with fever of unknown origin, July 2011—Yamaguchi
  • Surveillance of picornavirus infections; its limitation and future perspectives; its detection data in June-August 2011—Yamagata
  • Outbreak of E. coli O157 infection traced back to cakes (dumpling, rice cake wrapped in an oak leaf) produced by a factory, May 2011—Yamagata
  • Outbreak of Neisseria meningitidis infection associated with one meningitis death, April-May 2011—Miyazaki
  • An infant botulism case caused by type A Clostridium botulinum , June 2011—Aichi
  • A case from which virus genome of measles vaccine strain was detected four months after MR vaccine administration, June 2011—Chiba
  • HIV/AIDS in Japan, April-June 2011

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