IASR Vol. 32, No. 5 (No. 375) May 2011

  • Symptoms associated with EHEC infection, by serotype, 2010
  • Cluster analysis of PFGE patterns of EHEC O157 isolated nationwide from humans in Japan, 2010
  • Diffuse outbreak of EHEC O157 infections caused by consumption of raw beef liver, June-July 2010—Nagoya City
  • Outbreak of EHEC O157 food poisoning among participants in a local festival, August 2010—Tochigi
  • Outbreak of EHEC O121 infection in a nursery school, May-June 2010—Saitama
  • Outbreak of EHEC O26 infection through playing with water in a park spreading in a nursery school, July-August 2010—Nagano
  • EHEC O26 outbreak in a special support education school, July 2010—Iwate
  • EHEC O103 outbreak in a nursery school, July-August 2010—Saga
  • EHEC O157 outbreak in a nursery school, August 2010—Toyama
  • Outbreak of EHEC O26 infection in a nursery school, August-September 2010—Nara City
  • Outbreaks of EHEC O26 infection independently occurred in two nursery schools, August-September 2010—Osaka City
  • Outbreaks of EHEC O157 infection in a nursery school, September 2010—Matsuyama City
  • Outbreak of EHEC O26 infection in a nursery school, September 2010—Chiba
  • Reported cases of hemolytic uremic syndrome associated with EHEC infection in 2010—NESID
  • Divergent biological features found in Escherichia coli strains from a gastroenteritis outbreak, June 2007—Niigata City
  • Imported measles cases that caused local outbreaks of measles, January-February 2011—Hiroshima
  • Detection of measles viruses, July 2010-April 2011—Tokyo
  • Correspondence on “Alert for increasing cases of measles in Tokyo and Kanagawa” issued on April 22, 2011—MHLW & MEXT
  • Caution against tsutsugamushi disease in the spring season in Tohoku area after the earthquake, March 2011—Fukushima
  • Detection of adenovirus type 56 from patients with eye ailment and conjunctivitis, March 2011—Fukuoka
  • A case report on a two-year-old male patient diagnosed as mumps hearing loss through auditory brain stem response—Gose City

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