IASR Vol. 32, No. 3 (No. 373) March 2011

  • Rotavirus: a review
  • Genotypes of rotavirus: recent global trends
  • Pathogenicity of rotavirus and analysis concerning effectiveness of rotavirus vaccine
  • Clinical features of rotavirus infection and rotavirus vaccine
  • Rotavirus surveillance in the United States of America and surveillance in Japan of admitted cases
  • Challenges in introducing rotavirus vaccine in Japan
  • Detection of group A rotavirus and serotype distribution: recent trends—Okayama
  • Detection of group A rotavirus from 2005 to 2009—Aichi
  • Rotavirus detected in the infectious disease surveillance, 2005-2010—Niigata
  • Group A rotavirus outbreaks that occurred from March 2010 to February 2011—Shizuoka City
  • Rotavirus gastroenteritis outbreaks, 2005-2010—Osaka
  • The first report from Japan of oseltamivir/peramivir-resistant influenza AH1pdm virus with H275Y mutation that was detected from a peramivir-treated patient, January 2011—Yokohama City
  • Hepatitis A virus food poisonings traced to a Sushi restaurant, Janurary 2011—Chiba City
  • Genotype G3 measles virus imported from Indonesia, a clinical case report, February 2011—Chiba City
  • Necessity of laboratory diagnosis of all the measles suspected cases: requirement of differential diagnosis from exanthem subitum and erythema infectiosum, April 2010-January 2011—Ibaraki
  • A case of wound infection with Clostridium tetani , April 2010—Iwate
  • HIV/AIDS in Japan, October-December, 2010

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