IASR Vol. 32, No. 1 (No. 371) January 2011

  • Trends of isolation of drug-resistant bacteria and related clinical cases
  • Establishment of Clinical Laboratory Division in JANIS
  • JANIS Clinical Laboratory Division: Characteristics of its data analysis and its optimum use
  • Utilization of JANIS in medical institutions: Several examples
  • Countermeasures against nosocomial infection using 2 dimension carrier map (2DCM)
  • JANIS: Antimicrobial Resistant Bacterial Infections Division
  • Surgical Site Infection Surveillance in Japan
  • JANIS: Intensive Care Unit Division
  • JANIS: Activities of Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Group
  • Quality control of surveillance data of JANIS
  • NNIS and NHSN in USA and other systems in Europe and Japan
  • An outbreak of norovirus GII/3 in a primary school—Chiba City
  • A case of Corynebacterium ulcerans diphtheria—Ibaraki
  • Isolation of group A coxsackie viruses using suckling mice, RD-18S cells and Vero cells during 1996-2009—Kyoto City

Articles are published in English with the Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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