IASR Vol. 31, No. 11 (No. 369) November 2010

  • Trends of epidemiological and laboratory investigations on norovirus food poisoning
  • Genetic drift of norovirus GII/4 variants, and improvement of a immunochromatographic method for detection of various norovirus GII/4 variants
  • Survey of norovirus and sapovirus present in the dust within vacuum cleaners, 2008/09 and 2009/10 seasons—Nagano
  • Follow up for virus-negativity of the once norovirus-positive food handlers, May 2009-January 2010—Tokyo
  • Norovirus outbreaks between 2009-2010—Shizuoka
  • A norovirus GII/4 gastroenteritis outbreak in summer at a wedding reception, July 2010—Osaka City
  • A large-scale outbreak of sapovirus GI/2 food poisoning traced to contaminated lunch boxes distributed in workplaces, January 2010—Aichi
  • Sapovirus GI/2 food poisoning caused by dish(es) served in a Chinese restaurant, April 2010—Kawasaki City
  • Comparison of nucleotide sequences of sapovirus GI/2 detected from food poisoning cases in Aichi and Kawasaki
  • Final report on influenza AH3 outbreak in summer season (July-August 2010)—Niigata
  • Isolation of enterovirus 71 (including those from patients with central nervous system symptoms) in 2010—Osaka City
  • Detection of measles virus genotype D9 from a patient that was infected in Philippines and from two epi-linked cases, August-September 2010—Mie
  • Detection of measles virus genotype D8 from a patient that developed symptoms after his return from India, September 2010—Yokohama City
  • Measles laboratory diagnosis system in Yokohama City and its implementation, April-September 2010
  • A case of axillary lymph node abscess caused by percutaneous infection of Corynebacterium ulcerans through scratch by a pus-discharging cat, June 2010
  • Legionella pneumophila serogroup 1 infection from shower water, October 2009—Tokyo
  • Survey of shower water in public baths for Legionella contamination, December 2009-February 2010—Tokyo
  • Amebic encephalitis: review and situation in Japan (eight cases in 1976-2010)
  • AIDS and HIV infections in Japan, April-June 2010


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