IASR Vol. 31, No. 10 (No. 368) October 2010

  • Prevalence of anti-HAV antibody positives among Japanese population, trend in 1973-2003—NIID
  • Molecular epidemiology of hepatitis A that occurred in spring of 2010 in various parts of Japan—NIID
  • Establishment of V-Nus Net Japan for information sharing among prefectures and municipalities of HAV genotype and epidemiological data
  • Outbreak of foodborne hepatitis A caused by genotype IA HAV, March 2010—Niigata City
  • Molecular epidemiology of HAV infections, April-June, 2010—Saga
  • Investigation of epidemiology and HAV genomes regarding three hepatitis A infections that occurred in April-May, 2010—Nagano
  • Molecular epidemiology of HAV detected from three cases, April- May, 2010—Osaka City
  • Isolation/detection of influenza virus during summer in the 2009/10 season—Okinawa
  • The first influenza AH1pdm outbreak in 2010/11 season in a primary school, September 2010—Ibaraki
  • Phylogenetic analysis of echovirus 30 isolated during April-July, 2010—Toyama
  • Detection of enterovirus 68 from young children of respiratory infection and febrile convulsion, June-August, 2010—Osaka City
  • Answering to the supplementary investigation using simplified questionnaire regarding domestic bacillary dysentery cases reported under the NESID, 2008-2009—NIID

Articles are published in English with the Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases.

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