IASR Vol. 31, No. 8 (No. 366) August 2010

  • Countermeasures against HIV; Present situation in Osaka Prefecture and the role played by the Osaka Prefectural Institute of Public Health in the activity
  • Community center events played in countermeasures against HIV among MSM
  • On prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Japan
  • Epidemiology of HIV-2 in Japan and identification of a new circulating recombinant form CRF01_AB
  • Current situation of anti-HIV therapy and occurrence of multidrug resistant cases in Japan
  • Selection of influenza HA vaccine candidate strains for the 2010/11 season in Japan
  • An infant acute limbic encephalitis case with detection of enterovirus genome from the serum and increased neutralization titer against EV71, April 2010
  • Outbreak of A/H1N1pdm in China-cho, Okinoerabu Island, May 2010—Kagoshima (2nd report)
  • Identification of new human adenovirus types 53 and 54 by using the LAMP method—NIID and 9 Public Health Institutes
  • Detection of adenoviruses from epidemic keratoconjunctivitis cases, 2004-2009—Fukui

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