IASR Vol. 31, No. 4 (No. 362) April 2010

  • Haemophilus influenzae : Review
  • Invasive bacterial infections among children—nationwide multi-facility joint investigation conducted in 2007-2009
  • Trend of Hib infection as observed from a Hib infection case database, “Hib DB”, May 2009-January 2010
  • Prevalence of antimicrobial resistance among Haemophilus influenzae isolated from invasive infection cases in Japan, 2000-2009
  • Health status and adverse reactions found among people receiving Hib vaccine—nationwide survey from April 1, 2009 to February 9, 2010
  • Outline of Hib vaccine development and quality control
  • Systemic infection of Haemophilus influenzae : current situation and vaccination practices—Chiba
  • Present situation of Haemophilus influenzae meningitis and investigation on the safety of Hib vaccine—Kagoshima
  • Isolation of influenza AH3 virus from outbreak in a kindergarten, March 2010—Kumamoto
  • An adult case of hand, foot and mouth disease caused by enterovirus 71, February 2010—Osaka
  • Molecular epidemiology of enterovirus 71—watching from Yamagata, 1990-2007
  • Sporadic Salmonella Poona infection in nursery schools in Hamamatsu City, June 2009
  • A case of melioidosis infected in Viet Nam and diagnosed after long delay after return to Japan, January 2010
  • Highly ceftriaxone-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae isolated from larynx, January 2009—Kyoto
  • Four cases of Capnocytophaga canimorsus sepsis caused by dog and/or cat bites, 2007-2008—Kobe City

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