FETP trainees

I am joining the FETP from the Okayama City Health Center. We had an E.coli O157 outbreak in 1997, and we had a hard work for its response and analysis. Personally, I am interested in HIV/AIDS prevention and control. I fully realized importance of epidemiological point in it, so I expect to master field epidemiology during the FETP. We welcome query from the local Governments. Please feel free to contact with FETP.
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I am seconded from the Kyoto City Department of Health. I graduated from Hyogo Medical College, and received clinical training of internal medicine at the Kyoto Municipal Hospital. I was working at the department of neurology, the Kyoto Municipal Hospital. I was also assigned at the Fushimi health center until 1998, but my duty was not covering public health intervention a lot. I hope I would be in charge of food-borne and infectious disease control and prevention after FETP.

Since I graduated from Niigata University, Department of Medicine in 1992, I was working as dermatologist at Jikei Medical University. Infectious diseases often become topics of Japanese media. Considering such present situation, I strongly realized necessity of epidemiology and applied to FETP. I would like to be in charge of nosocomial infection control in future.

I grew up in Okinawa Prefecture, and Osaka University Department of Pediatrics sent me to the program. In 1991, Japanese encephalitis cases were reported in the US Military base in Okinawa. I could join the disease control team from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). That was impressive. I studied viral infectious diseases at the Osaka University. I like to learn thoroughly methodology of large-scale infectious disease control and prevention during FETP.

I graduated from the University of the Ryukyus in 1990. I was seconded to FETP from Department of Microbiology, Oita Medical University. In order to be expert of infectious disease control, I majored internal medicine and microbiology, however I keenly felt importance of epidemiology. We live in a borderless world. Applying field epidemiology we are learning in FETP, I like to be involved in internationally synchronized infectious disease control.

Since I graduated from Kumamoto University School of Medicine in 1991, I had worked as a dermatologist in Kumamoto University. Through my clinical experience of 10 years, I found out the importance of learning the basics of infection control methods.

Alumni of Dept. of Medicine, Kyushu University. Moved to Fukuoka Quarantine Station, the Ministry of Health, in1999 sfter working as a hematologist for 15 years including the resarch for 3 years in Canada. Recognizing the necessity of knowledge about infectious diseases as a Quarantine officer, participated in FETP in 2000.